Monday, November 12, 2012

ICCF congress in South Africa

I recently attended the ICCF congress in South Africa.


A football game, where the players were tied to ropes, so they can only move to the left and right. The players are arranged similar to table football. Young and old players can participate in the same game, and it seemed to be great fun.

The shopping center was just like the ones everywhere else, but they had a huge playground on the roof, including a grand stand for the parents.


There were purple trees everywhere. These are actually Jacaranda trees imported from Brazil, and they were in full bloom.


A weaver bird and its nest, with the entrance at the bottom. Another bird, called bulbul.


Some more wild animals: A giraffe, zebras, a young wildebeest, elephants, and waterbucks.

ja 011 - Kopie

I got my senior international master certificate and silver medal.